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Barry Walker is the son of Marvin and Sarah Walker. He is the husband of Kathy Walker. They have been married since 1983. They have one daughter, Margretta D. Walker, who is an elementary school teacher.

Bishop Walker is the founding pastor of A Place of Refuge Inc. A Place of Refuge where the primary facility is located in Carrollton, GA. There are also three other churches that bear the same name in Thomaston, GA, Newnan, GA, and Rome, GA. A Place of Refuge Inc. is a debt free ministry.

The vision of A Place of Refuge is to help people be productive in every aspect of their lives. The mission is to fulfill the vision according to the word of God. Specifically, the vision is being fulfilled by teaching and preaching the gospel; establishing various ministries within and outside of the church; establishing programs, seminars, etc. for the church and the community, and above all listening to and obeying the Spirit of God.

Bishop Walker is also overseer of other ministries. His forte in ministry is his teaching and insight on leadership, marriage, church government, and counseling. He is the author of  "Four Keys to Marriage" and "Judas Iscariot: A Portrait of A sinister Disciple". Furthermore, Bishop Walker has compiled several booklets on ministry and leadership.

Pastor Walker also knows that the Lord has ordained for him to help other ministries to be productive. He fulfills this by ministering in their churches and by inviting them to come to some major events he has yearly. The events are the following:

     1. "The Leaders Only Seminar and Retreat"
     2. "The Lucy Simpson Auxiliary Revival" 
     3. "The Fellowship Revival"
     4. "The Men and Women Conference"
     5. "The Ministers Seminar and Retreat"
     6. "The Marriage Seminar and Retreat"

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